The original doggie dock. The original doggie dock.

PupGear Corporation:"We Put Pets Before Profits"

PupGear began business in 1998 selling doggydocks™ a self–adjusting floating dog boat ramp. This was the first product to address the need for getting dogs out of the water from a boat dock, boat or swimming pool. In 2004, we invented Pup-Head™ the first portable indoor dog potty. At the time, our target market was boaters that took their dogs on boating adventures. Soon we were selling them to people that lived in apartments and high-rise buildings. Because we designed a product that dogs would use automatically, word spread like wildfire and the product was sold through SkyMall, leading catalog companies and specialty pet retailers. Realizing that the need for our product was bigger than we imagined. We began developing Pup-Grass™ Synthetic Grass Built for Dogs. A revolutionary artificial turf that had antimicrobials and drained 50 x faster than conventional fake grass. Soon after, we introduced Pup-Zymes™ Stain and Odor Eliminator., Pup-Fresh Odor Control Granules and Pup-Pads Disposable Absorbent Pads.

Other great products by PupGear include Paw Pads™ Non-Slip Traction Pads, The Ball-Stopper® Toy Blocker and Furniture Protector.

PupGear Corporation is proud of our innovative products and we are thankful we have the opportunity to be part of an industry that allows us to live, work and play with passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and pride. We will continue to develop and offer products that are solution based, easy to use, practical, and of course, fun!