Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty from PupGear Corporation

Pup-Head™ “the Original Portable Indoor Dog Potty” with Pup-Grass™ is like a patch of grass for your dog to potty on. It is a simple system that is easy to clean and easy to travel with, but most important, it works with a dog's natural instinct to go potty. The Pup-Head™ measures 20 x 30 x 1. The Pup-Head family of potty products for dogs comes in three sizes from Mini to Large. They are the only dog and pup potties made with Pup-Grass™ Synthetic Grass Built for dogs with instant drainage and antimicrobials. Pup-Grass™ is a natural feeling, synthetic grass that is pre-scented with our special patent-pending organic scent. Your dog will be attracted to use the indoor portable dog potty almost immediately. Includes a three piece system that includes a heavy duty yet light weight tray and scented Pup-Grass™ potty mat.

lead safe dog grass

Pup-Head™ Portable Indoor Dog Potty got its name because we designed it for people who take their dogs on boats and needed a place for their pup to go potty. It is also a perfect solution for apartments, high-rise buildings, boats, or recreational vehicles and great during bad weather. Perfect for pet owners with busy or unpredictable schedules, dog owners with disabilities and seniors. Anyone who needs a convenient place for his or her dog to go potty.

Head bathroom or latrine, a nautical term from the days of sailing ships when the designated place to relieve ones bladder or bowels was forward, at the bow or “head” of the ship.

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Pup-Head™ Portable Indoor Dog Potty - Regular

Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty - Regular

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Pup-Head™ Portable Indoor Dog Potty - Large

Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty - Large

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Pup-Head™ Puppy Potty
For Dogs Up to 8 Lbs

Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty - Mini

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